COR Surf Microfiber Changing Towel/Poncho GRAY

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Country of Origin CHINA
NEW and UPDATED This robe is all you need for the beach or getting out of the shower. NEW WIDER OPENING for some people with LARGER heads. Robes are lame, you can't wear them outside. Now you can get the COR Micro Fiber WARM Cotton Changing robe. NO MORE worry about your towel flying away while you are changing in the parking lot. Change discretely in public! Warm Front POCKETS so you can keep your keys and phone with you while you go and check the waves. ONE SIZE FITS ALL- Woman in Photo is 5'4. Gentleman in Photo is 6'3 - Unisex -Male or female.. anyone can use this surf poncho Also work great to Swim Team, Water Polo, Triathlons, Kayakers or just staying warm by the water after a swim. The PERFECT GIFT for any Surfer, Swimmer, Paddleboarder, Kayaker or anyone that spends time in and out of the water. The COR Surf Changing Poncho makes changing in and out of your wetsuit so nice and comfortable, especially on those cold winter morning! The thick micro fiber fabric will absorb moisture and help dry you quickly so you can get dressed discreetly. Over 40 inches long so will work fine for people over 6ft. Models in photos are 5'4", 5'8" and 6'3". The PERFECT GIFT for that hard-to-please surfer, scuba diver, swim team, triathlete etc. The COR poncho is great for anyone! Dimensions: Length: 40" - Width: 32" - Neckline: 11.5"

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