Coreban Sonic 12'6" x 27" Red Carbon Kevlar

Code: COS12
Categories Coreban Displacement Boards
Shipping Weight 45.00 LB
USA MSRP 2295.00
Canada MSRP 2795.00
Mexico MSRP 2795.00
Tarif Code 9506.29
Coreban Sonic 12'6 x 27" Race / Touring Shaped by legendary shaper Mike Day for all water conditions when you want to go fast. The block tail and sharp edges with flat bottom make the 27" wide board feel like a 30" wide board. The dolphin nose slips under the water line to accelerate when speed is necessary.When stability is needed simply take a half step back and the nose rises over breaking water and the board is immediately 25% more stable. The Sonic is a true all water touring gem with lines for speed when desired. Made out of Carbon Kevlar with PVC on the top deck she's light as tey come with a tough shell for durability.

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