Phix Doctor Sunpowered Polyester Repair Kit 4oz.

Code: PXD5402
Categories Ding Repair, Paddle & Rail Protection
Shipping Weight 8.00 OZ
USA MSRP 16.00
Canada MSRP 19.20
Mexico MSRP 19.20
Country of Origin CHINA
Tarif Code 35.06
PhixDoctor’s SunPowered Polyester Repair Kit, because it’s not if, but when!

A complete repair kit that has more of the goods and gets you back in the water in minutes, when your faced with your next ding. We use ultra clear & fresh Silmar Brand polyester resin and the highest quality products to make sure the job gets done right. Our easy squeeze container lowers landfill impact by 90% and uses 26 times less carbon for manufacture and transporting!

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