Rogue Vandal 14 X 27" X 7" R-9 Pink

Code: RIU59PV27
USA MSRP 1599.00
Canada MSRP 1870.00
Mexico MSRP 1870.00
Country of Origin CHINA
You'd Never Know They Were Updated Unless You Paddled Them!  3 Years Of Serious R&D And We Find Ourselves With What We Feel Are The Fastest, Most User-Friendly Competition Boards On The Market.  New Stealth Deck Pads, Non-Slip Deck And Ergonomic Carrying Handle Finish Off This Champion. Volume: 285L R9 Construction: Foam Core, S-glass, Wood Veneer. Monkey Grip, Honey Fomb Deck pad, Chameleon Deck pad, R Plug, Bomber Lean Deck Stance

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