Waterproof case for Tablets Mini Black

Categories Phone & Audio
Shipping Weight 5.00 oz
USA MSRP 34.95
Canada MSRP 43.95
Mexico MSRP 43.95
UPC Code 3770003659266
Country of Origin CHINA
Tarif Code 4202321000
Fully waterproof, Take your tablet anywhere, even underwater. Snow proof Dust proof / Sand proof. Protect your device from all elements. Touch screen capabilities, use all functions and applications of your tablet. Photos / videos underwater, make incredible photos and videos underwater. By buying your SEAWAG, you will save your tablet from its next jump into the water, or next exposure to the sand, dust, snow and more! Yes, our waterproof cases are fully waterproof, and tested in water depth of 25 meters / 80 feet! So your tablet is now protected, wherever you go! Touchscreen remains perfectly accessible when the device is in your SEAWAG, and so you’ll be able to use all functions and make calls as you would usually do. But guess what else?! Take it underwater, and make incredible photos & videos!

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