Vamo 30" Vehicle Travel Rack Kit

Code: VMO4101
Categories Rack Pads & Straps
USA MSRP 64.99
Canada MSRP 79.99
Mexico MSRP 79.99
Country of Origin China
Tarif Code 4202321000
DON'T FORGET THAT ALL ORDERS WITH $500 IN VAMO PRODUCTS SHIP GROUND FOR FREE TO THE LOWER 48! Vamo means "Let's Go!" These cushy 30" travel rack pads are perfect for your Cabo rental car and will keep even the most fussy boards happy. Neoprene covered cam buckles keep your board scratch free and EZ on EZ off nylon straps will be easier to deal with than your last girlfriend. Mesh stroage bag keeps things tidy when not in use. Holds up to 2 displacement or 3 cruiser style boards. Printed with the Vamo "Let's Go... Paddle" logo.

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