Leash Lok 3/8" Leash String- Black (10 pack)

Code: zLLH1015
Categories Straight Leashes
USA MSRP login for WHSL 19.99
Canada MSRP 21.99
Mexico MSRP 25.00
3/8” LEASHLOK HAWAII Attachments are made with a Polyester webbing that has a 3800 lbs. breaking strength. Polyester webbing is superior to the old Polypropylene webbing and stretches less, is more resistant to rot and mildew, has a higher strength rating and a softer feel in your hands. Our new webbing is made from a proprietary formula and is not affected by most chemicals, sunlight, oil, salt, water, fungus or moisture and the color and logo are actually a thermal dye technology which is very durable in all conditions.

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