About Us

SUP is the fastest growing sporting goods industry on the market and our sole focus is providing retailers with cutting edge products to help manage their shop. We value our retailers. Not only as customers but as friends and partners. We make sure we are above reproach and because our relationship is so important to us we stake our claim on a few key principles.

  • We do not sell direct: You work hard to help build our brands in your area. Selling direct would compromise our relationship and make us competitors. You will never see any of our products for sale by Ocean Lineage other than through you.
  • Internet sales must be associated with a brick and mortar (Boards): We strongly believe that the SUP industry is a hands on industry and your work to put people on a board and work with them to find the right gear should never be undercut by an online internet sales company. You carry the inventory, you get the reward.
  • Service: Everything we do is to find new and better ways to serve our retailers. We are growing our warehouse network to reduce shipping costs. All of our ordering is done online. You have access to available inventory 24/7 and can place orders at your convenience...not ours. We make everything as convenient as possible so that you have all of the information you need to be successful at your finger tips.
  • Relationship: We are a rider driven company and we are seeking relationships to grow an industry on. We promise to always stock products that we would use personally and as such we can back with 100% certainty that the products we are providing are Grade A and tested by ourselves. In other words, we won't sell you a bunch of junk.
  • We hope that you will join our network and experience everything that Ocean Lineage has to offer. Together we will build this industry from the ground up and we will be successful together.